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Convoy of Hope

Tomorrow is a banner day of hope for Bonner County as a handful of Christian Churches from Bonner and Boundary County have teamed up with local community members, service providers and servants to bring a poverty free day to the region.  Many wonder about why we would want to invest so much time, energy, manpower and resources to one day.  Great question!! We believe that it only takes one day, one encounter and one moment to change a life, a family and a future.

Many of us have lives that are scattered and busy.  We often find that the pressures of life cause us to run from one situation to another.  It can seem difficult to be able to let down a guard, relax or just enjoy the simplicity of life.  The intensity and nature of family life, relationships, finances and emotions can leave us feeling worn and tired.  There may be a feeling as if there is no change coming in the foreseeable future.  This is why we are offering the Day of Hope.

What to Expect

With any large community event the expectations can be big and if not clear at the beginning of the desired outcome, it may not come to pass.  According to the Convoy of Hope team, the goals are simple: relief, connection and empowerment.

The Convoy of Hope local team has gathered over a thousand volunteers for a day that brings a breath of fresh air, relief and assistance to thousands more in our northern counties.  Regardless of what needs anyone may or may not have, a little relief can go a long way.  When our needs are met, we are able to take a breath, see clearly, make a plan and move toward our goals.

Making Connection

Throughout the event everyone will be able to connect with people of faith and those that deeply care about our community.  Many of us feel isolated with limited community resources available to us and at the Day of Hope our volunteers want to intentionally connect people with the support and community needed.  Our Connections Team will be giving everyone an opportunity to also be connected with God through prayer, and to connect with a local community of faith.  For those that need some personal support we are providing local mentors who can assist with prayer, support and guidance if desired.

We long to see our amazing community filled with hope and empowered to create the change needed along with doors opened.  We know that life can change quickly and we believe that through a Day of Hope, we will see things change quickly for the better as our community is empowered for change.  We hope that all who are able, can join us for this amazing event.

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