Freedom House | Satisfying the Afflicted Soul

Freedom House is a local non-profit that is working to provide support for those trapped in addiction.  

Satisfying the Afflicted Soul

There is a movement happening in Bonner County!  We are seeing the Body of Christ unite in the efforts to reach those in need and to assist those who are in need of love, life, and hope.

Isaiah58:10 says, “If you extend your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul, then your light will shine in the darkness and the darkness will be as the noonday.”

The goal of the Christian is to be conformed to the image of Christ. We are compelled to live lives that are full of love and mercy.  Our lifestyle is to be one that reflects the goodness of our God through our constant growth, change, and sanctification.  The love of God must manifest in our world if we are to see the power of Christ released into the world around.

In order to fulfill the call to satisfy the afflicted soul, is to extend your soul.  Extending your soul means that you are willing to give of yourself.  Your energy, emotions, thoughts, through choosing to serve. To be available for those in need.  Consequently, as we extend, we can then play a vital role in bringing satisfaction to those in need.

Local Unity Around Freedom House

In light of that, one of the efforts that Christians are uniting around locally is the Sweet Magnolia Safe and Sober House for Women.  Through the efforts of Freedom House, Inc. along with secular agencies, this house is taking applications and ready to be filled.  There are up to 8 beds available for those in need and who are entering their process to recovery and freedom from addiction. Though this movement is just beginning through it lives will change in our region.

This is what it means to satisfy the afflicted soul.  To meet those in need of healing, freedom and a revelation of hope with the love of God.  We don’t just give a smile or a blessing. More importantly, we want everyone in need with the keys to freedom, hope, and healing.

In closing, we hope you can support and pray these women, as the kingdom of God comes.  Find out more at  Chris Bassett is the Senior Leader at Harvest Valley Worship Center,, the home of Freedom House, Inc.