The Marriage and Garden Part 2

Pastor Chris shares on the concept of Adam and Eve in the garden and how that relates to the views of marriage according to classic Complementarians. The idea that Adam had authority over the woman in the Garden of Eden doesn’t seem to hold up with the text itself and Chris dives into a few Read More

The Garden and Marriage Part 1

Pastor Chris is talking about the roles and words used to delineate the gender roles and uses in the Garden of Eden. God sees the need of man and creates woman as a suitable helper. This concept is important as the use of the words in the Hebrew must be looked at carefully in order to honor the text and Read More

Discovering Godly Marriage

Chris introduces the concept of Biblical Marriage and how the roles of men and women in Marriage should be. Chris refutes the Complementarian view of gender roles in marriage. With recognizing the intent of the Garden of Eden and the role of the law in bringing order to a cursed world, Chris shows how God Read More

Imitate God

This week Pastor Chris shares on Ephesians 5:1-7 on imitating God.  As God’s children we are to be taking on the form of Jesus in the earth.  As we strive to become more like Christ we are called to righteousness.  We are to put our lives in God’s hands in order to become like Him: Read More fog cloud light trees

Taking Off the Blinders

Taking Off the Blinders It has been a hectic and wild ride for those whose minds and lives have been impacted by the major shifts to our public policies of late.  I have found that the most interesting part of the rhetoric and the outcry has been a very weird mix of Patriotism and Christianity. Read More

No Limit Mindset

Pastor Chris talks about how a “No Limits” mindset concerning how God wants to work in and through your life is a direct result of choosing to believe God.  God’s plans and purposes are greater than what you think and He removes all the limitations that we have put in place in order to fulfill Read More

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