Tag: Transformation

Revival in Bonner County

Over the years many of us have felt as if God was in the midst of doing something great and that He was going to change things in our lives and in our community in a powerful and dramatic way.  Many people have had this hope for Bonner County and for our community.  In fact Read More

Encountering God

When I was 28 years old I had a powerful encounter with God.  I was an alcoholic with other vices not worth mentioning, who was actively running from God.  When I had lost my job, was flat broke and in the middle of an argument with my then fiancé over my reckless behavior, I received Read More

Excellence of Soul

Excellence of Soul – We hear a lot today about American “exceptionalism” from many different viewpoints. When we talk about individuals, being exceptional is a moniker that is now left to the athlete, artist, genius or financial titan.  I find that the word exceptional is almost lost in the secular world when it comes to Read More

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